OBMIN - Features Overview

Simple as a rocket

Just one click to begin a serving pages after a trivial installation. User-oriented graphical tools allow you to control all processes. Easy installation, configuration, using like just one single click. Obmin server is designed for using it without any special technology knowledge’s needs. All has prepared and ready to run out of the box.

Friendly :)

There are many native GUI tools and utilities to configure, monitor, run, and analyze activity data for any kind of desktops. so friendly to users that are graphical tools for everything. You just have to press a start button and you are ready to go.


HTTP protocol and his secure version HTTPS are a ground of the entirely modern network and the Internet. Any other protocol can’t provide such availability on the huge amount of devices, computers and operating systems from smart-watches, smart-TV and plenty of IoT devices to supercomputers on any kind of OS. All those devices join only one thing - the ability to communicate with the Universe of online services through the HTTP(S) protocol on top of the TCP/IP connection. Any other commercial or special protocol or service on top of HTTP couldn’t guarantee same wide availability and functionality on all devices and OS. No matter if standards open, commercial or even ISO standards.

OBMIN is using the main network standard to provide an extremal availability and connectivity on all kind of devices.


Obmin server’s software architecture is carefully designed to a running on any Linux environment from a terminal to huge desktop environments, clouds, containers or even Android Chroot Linux environment. Powered by GNU/Linux tools and technologies the server provides an enterprise level of security and privacy.


A local storage of your data and personal server give you that control without any exceptions on your data. Any online service can’t guarantee a full privacy and have license agreements to avoid any responsibility. Only your rules and control on own data can give that privacy.

Nothing is changed. Privacy is a matter of your own.


Latest security network standards give your the same quality level and security as any online public service. OBMIN Server is using your personal unique TLS 1.2 certificates generated by OpenSSL for secure HTTPS connections. You can regenerate a new certificate anytime or even get for free but for limited time (60 days) signed certificates through the Let’s Encrypt initiative and select them in the network preferences. The server supports Digest Authentication - a modern security protocol for user authentication over HTTP. It’s not exposing passwords for the user authorization, and with strong passwords makes very complicating hacking even on open HTTP connections. But it’s strongly recommended to use long passwords on top of VPN services or HTTPS layer. In addition, more security and privacy gives openness of the project.

Latest security standards protect your data. Do not be embarrassed by browser warnings about your certificates when you're connecting to your own server. It is only matter when you are connecting to public servers or services. Personal unsigned certificates even could help to protect your privacy more than even signed. So they save your time and money.

Open Source

Open sources give a lot of features and abilities to you. It’s more secure than other because it’s open for any kind of independent expertise. It’s more private because doesn’t hide the issues, hidden backdoors or malicious software.


It’s what you want. Do you need File Server, Web Server or a mix of them? You can turn OBMIN Server into anything with many embedded options and Extensions API. You can set up it on all your devices. It doesn’t require special standalone installation or huge resources. More…


Various styling themes for a web interface and not only could help you to customize and improve the usage experience. Many options grouped by categories help you to configure the server behavior, network connections, and a lot more features and abilities.

Explore more features and abilities